Work at Height Rescue Kit


The Rescue Kit is designed to enable the rescuer to perform the rescue from a safe location, with the flexibility to either raise or lower the casualty.v

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Versatile Roof Rescue Kit

Barton’s Rescue Kit is versatile and compatible with any anchorage point. It includes a dedicated rescue hub and an easy-to-use rope grab device that can be attached to the casualty's existing line. Once the rope grabs device makes contact with the casualty, a slight pull from the rescuer will secure it onto the casualty's line.

How Does it work?

The rescue kit operates using a geared hub that's connected to the original or, if possible, another anchorage point. The rescuer uses this to lift the casualty enough to disengage them from their anchorage point. The casualty's weight is supported by the rescue winch and rope grab, allowing for a controlled and gradual lowering to the ground or a safe location using the winch.

Benefits & Features

  • Swift and straightforward rescue of a person suspended
  • Compatible with any anchorage point
  • Comes with a dedicated rescue hub and rope grab device
  • Enables rescue from a secure location
  • Provides the option to lower or raise the casualty
  • Eliminates the pendulum effect that can often tug at other workers on the same system

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Don't leave safety to chance when working at height. Discover how Barton's work-at-height rescue kit can provide the security and peace of mind you need. Get in touch with us and elevate your safety measures today.

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