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From confined space rescue to rope access solutions, trust Barton's to deliver tailored services that meet your specific needs, backed by our unwavering commitment to safety compliance and industry-leading expertise.

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Climb Assist Devices

At times, it might not be possible to install a lift in a wind turbine because of its design, its age or its small height. In this case, the solution is to install a climb assist device. It can be easily retrofitted to ladders in any type of wind turbines. It enhances safety and ease of climb for technicians. It increases productivity. Most importantly, it relieves fatigue, repetitive climbing stress and wearing injuries on knees, feet, backs and arms.

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Indisputable Benefits


  • Simple and rapid; no tower modification is required
  • Retrofit in any model of wind tower
  • Mount to all metric or imperial ladder sizes and types instead of platforms; adjust to any spacing and length.
  • Sealed bearings in drive unit so no lubrication necessary

Features & performance

  • Selection by each user of their own assistance settings at any time via the EasyClimb Controller.
  • Constant load support in both the up and down directions
  • Manual emergency stop which allows immediate stop to belt movement at the push of a button

Rescue & Evacuation Solutions

Due to contributory factors such as height, confined space and exposure to a range of mechanical and electrical hazards, working inside or outside a wind turbine present serious safety challenges. Furthermore, wind farms are often situated in remote, difficult to access and hostile environment. The emergency services may be some distance away. Therefore, it is important to have the appropriate rescue and evacuation equipment ready and fully maintained but also the staff trained to the highest standards.

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