Lifting & Rope Access Equipment


Our ManSafe® Sealed Self Retracting Lifeline offers innovative solutions for various industries, specialising in efficient and safe access to challenging work areas.

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Over 30 Years of Experience

Our expertise is backed up by Barton’s wider 30-year success story in the supply, design, manufacture, maintenance and inspection of lifting gear across all industries, ranging from aerospace, pharmaceutical, heavy manufacturing to oil and gas.

Through our membership of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association we have benefited over the years from invaluable advice, consultancy and training.

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Equipment Examination & Statutory Inspection

We provide examination, statutory inspection, testing and maintenance services of all types of lifting gear during the construction and the operational life of the wind turbine.

Our expertise covers a wide range of equipment in wind turbines; this includes, but it is not limited to: davits, service buckets, nacelle jib cranes, runways and lifting beams, lift support beams, manual and electrical hoists and winches.

Under Regulations 9&10 of LOLER 1998 in the United Kingdom and The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations, 2001, S.I.No.481 of 2001 in Ireland, employers have a legal obligation to conduct regular examination and inspection of lifting equipment. Employers are required to examine lifting equipment thoroughly, for any defect, which is, or may become a danger to persons.

Rope Access Solutions

When other access methods such as cradles, scaffolding and cherry pickers prove unsuitable, dangerous, and/or costly, our IRATA qualified technicians can gain access easily, safely and in a cost effective manner to inaccessible parts of a wind turbine. The installation and dismantling of the equipment are done rapidly, cause minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and can be rescheduled at short notice in the case of bad weather.

We have carried many cleaning operations on oil spill residue and blades.

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Technical Department

Our team of chartered engineers supply:

  • Advice on legislation compliance.
  • Development of inspection and maintenance procedures.
  • Bespoke product design of lifting beams and jib cranes.
  • In depth examination reports through a dedicated portal to allow each client to monitor and review inspections of all components. Clients have instant access to photographs, critical alerts, various documents and reports. Barton 'Inspect'

Our fully qualified lifting gear technicians are equipped on site with PDAs. They follow a rigorous training regime to stay abreast of safe practice and industry regulations, both offshore and onshore.

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