Valley Walk Mobile Fragile Roof Access


This mobile fragile roof access solution is essential for construction and maintenance professionals who need to work safely on delicate roofs, especially during repair, inspection, or installation tasks.

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Protects Workers

Allows workers to move freely along valleys on fragile roofs with pitches up to 85 degrees.

Saves Roofs

Mesh side panels with cushioned outriggers protect the roof surface and support a light payload.

Any Valley

Suitable for symmetrical valleys and asymmetrical designs, including northern lights.


Lightweight modular system. Easy to transport, carry, assemble, disassemble and store.

Valley Walk Mobile Frame

Valley Walk is a lightweight, user-friendly mobile walking frame for one or two individuals. It facilitates workers' safe and free movement along fragile roof valleys, even those with steep pitches up to 85 degrees. While it's tailored for symmetrical valleys, it can be readily adjusted to accommodate asymmetrical designs.

Mobile Fragile Roof Access

This modular system is lightweight and user-friendly. It's designed for effortless transportation, carrying, assembly, disassembly, and storage. Featuring easy transportation and assembly, the cage and outriggers are constructed from 6082T6 high-grade aluminium. The entire system weighs a mere 30kg, further enhancing its portability.

Versatile Fall Protection

This system enables workers to safely navigate valleys on fragile roofs, even those with steep inclines of up to 85 degrees. The mesh side panels and cushioned outriggers safeguard the roof surface and support light payloads, thereby preserving the roof's integrity. It's versatile enough to accommodate symmetrical valleys and asymmetrical designs, including those found in northern lights.

Fall Protection You Can Count On

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