The StairSpan Stairwell Protection System


StairSpan offers a revolutionary solution for staircase construction, providing durability, efficiency, and enhanced safety in every step.

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StairSpan excels in strength, reliably supporting significant loads. Its tested durability makes it indispensable for working at height, ensuring worker and material safety. A cornerstone in fall protection, StairSpan’s robustness brings peace of mind in challenging environments.

Easy Install

Installation simplicity sets StairSpan apart. Pre-engineered for efficiency, it streamlines the setup process, saving time without compromising safety. Ideal for various construction tasks, its straightforward assembly underscores its value as a top working at height equipment choice.

Quick Access

Designed for efficiency, StairSpan guarantees quick, easy adjustments without special tools or training. This accessibility enhances productivity in confined spaces, ensuring that safety and work pace are maintained. StairSpan stands as a versatile solution in height safety equipment.

Safe Stairways

StairSpan provides unrivalled safety, preventing falls with a secure platform over stairwells. It’s engineered for stability, offering workers a safe footing, and minimising risks. This system not only protects workers but also boosts confidence when navigating stairwells.

Stairwell Protection System

The StairSpan system is a benchmark in fall prevention, effortlessly installed in minutes. Its adaptable framework allows continuous stair access, making it ideal for complex stairwells in hospitals and government buildings alike. By offering a solid platform, it significantly enhances productivity and safety for workers operating at various heights.

Keeping You Safe

With risks lurking at every corner, especially when working at heights and above voids it's crucial to have the correct equipment. StairSpan not only enhances the safety of workers across a range of jobs – from construction to manufacturing – but also minimises the risk of falls and injuries with its secure and stable platforms. As part of an extensive range of safety equipment, StairSpan supports the maintenance of safe work environments in various settings, ensuring workers stay safe and regulations are met.

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