The StairSpan Stairwell Protection System


StairSpan offers a revolutionary solution for staircase construction, providing durability, efficiency, and enhanced safety in every step.

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StairSpan's robust construction ensures it can securely hold significant weight, providing a reliable and safe platform for workers and materials. Its strength is tested and proven, offering peace of mind when working at height or in stairwell environments.

Easy Install

StairSpan's innovative design and pre-engineered components make it remarkably easy to install, saving both time and effort during the construction process. StairSpan ensures a smooth and efficient installation experience for builders and contractors.

Quick Access

The StairSpan stairwell protection system does not require any specialised training or the use of specialist tools for installation. Its user-friendly design allows for easy setup and adjustment, making it accessible to workers of all skill levels.

Safe Stairways

This stairway system offers enhanced safety by preventing falls into the stairwell and providing a secure working platform or landing. It ensures that workers have a stable and reliable surface, minimising the risk of accidents.

Stairwell Protection System

The StairSpan stairwell protection system is designed to prevent falls into stairwells, voids, and down stairways. This fall prevention solution serves as a reliable working platform or landing, enhancing productivity when working at height. This system boasts an easy installation process, taking just minutes to set up. Its flexible design ensures that it doesn't obstruct access to the stairs, enabling work to proceed seamlessly.

Keeping You Safe

Building operatives often encounter hazards while working at heights and above voids. To ensure work proceeds according to schedule, it is crucial to prioritize safety. Our safety systems are designed to enhance the safety of working at height by preventing falls inside roofs, stairways, and providing secure work platforms above voids. These measures align with safety concerns and regulations, mitigating risks for building operatives.

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