StairSpan Bridge


The StairSpan Bridge is a temporary work platform and fall prevention system designed to provide access while preventing falls into stairways.

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Cassette Replacement System

The StairSpan Bridge utilises the standard StairSpan Frame and specialised mats and brackets to create a secure bridge that fills the void left after removing the wooden cassette during the initial build phase. This innovative solution not only safeguards workers by preventing falls but also provides a safe working platform and ladder access to the floor above and below, ensuring minimal disruption to on-site workflow.

Eliminates Risk

When constructing a house using the timber frame method, it is necessary to leave a gap in the first-floor ceiling to accommodate the future installation of a staircase. However, this void poses a potential fall hazard until the stairs are installed. Our StairSpan Bridge is specifically designed to eliminate this risk and ensure safety during the construction process.

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