PitProtect OnTrack


The PitProtect Ontrack is a lightweight concertina inspection pit cover meticulously designed to safeguard open rail inspection pits.

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Modular Design

PitProtect OnTracks is crafted with fully adjustable features. Each bar can be individually set at different widths, allowing for seamless coverage of uneven-width pits.

Easy Access

With its lightweight aluminium concertina design, The PitProtect Ontrack allows access to the underside of the train for inspections and repairs to be carried out quickly and easily.

Rail Ready

This inspection pit safety solution has been created specifically for rail inspection pits, combining the innovative PItProtect design with the Ontrack frame for strong yet flexible pit protection.

Heavy Duty

PitProtect OnTrack can easily hold weights of 22kg expand from 0.45m x 1.318m to 2.074m x 1.318m making it easy to store and fit. You can customise to suit your specific needs.

Train Inspection Pit Cover

The PitProtect Ontrack is a lightweight concertina inspection pit cover designed to provide optimal safety for open pits. This robust and adjustable solution is not only quick and easy to deploy, but also ensures fall prevention while allowing access to the underside of trains. With the PitProtect Ontrack, you can confidently protect workers and maintain a secure working environment.

Keeping You Safe

To maintain the functionality and safety of trains and rolling stock, inspection pits are used by train companies and manufacturers. These pits allow engineers to inspect and repair the trains and carriages from below. However, when the train is not present, these pits can pose a fall hazard due to the exposed area. The PitProtect Ontrack offers a solution to eliminate this hazard. With its concertina design, it provides access to the underside of the train, facilitating inspections and repairs while ensuring a safe working environment.

Made for Rail Inspection

The PitProtect Ontrack combines the standard PitProtect with the Ontrack frame, designed to fit on rails and allow train wheels to pass through unimpeded. Made from durable aluminium, this system offers full adjustability in both length and width, making it suitable for covering uneven-width pits. With each bar capable of being set at a different width, the PitProtect Ontrack guarantees a perfect fit every time, providing peace of mind and protection against potential hazards.

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