The CoverSafe mat provides a reliable and effective solution for protecting floors and surfaces during construction, renovation, or any other project that requires safeguarding against potential damage or accidents.

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We offer essential on-site training and refresher courses for all types of equipment. Upon completion, we issue certificates to certify the training of individuals.


CoverSafe mats are lightweight yet robust fall protection system for enhanced safety. Rest assured you are protected from falls when working at height with our innovative solutions.

Easy Install

The compact CoverSafe mats can be easily transported and installed. Its XSpan technology enables it to fit through small attic hatches and aeroplane access points, and then expand to fit the desired space.

No Falls

The CoverSafe mat is specifically designed to provide a safe working platform in roof spaces, preventing falls onto the joists of the floor below.

Roof Safety Matting

CoverSafe mats provide a stable temporary work platform by covering joists, ensuring that operatives are protected from falls onto the floor below or beyond. These mats are crafted with lightweight yet durable aluminium, making them an effective fall-prevention system. With our XSpan technology, the mats can be easily adjusted in length and width, providing flexibility for different work areas. They greatly enhance productivity during tasks such as spreading trusses, nailing wind bracing, inspecting work, and performing remedial tasks.

Compliant Safety At Height

Building operatives often encounter various hazards, including working at heights and above voids. Despite these challenges, work must proceed as scheduled. Our safety systems enhance the safety of working at heights by preventing falls inside roofs, and stairways, and providing secure work platforms above voids. This ensures compliance with safety regulations and addresses safety concerns effectively.


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What makes CoverSafe mats an ideal choice for fall protection in construction and renovation projects?

CoverSafe mats are designed with XSpan technology, allowing easy transport and installation while offering robust fall protection. They fit perfectly through small access points and expand to cover large areas, making them ideal for safeguarding workers against falls in various settings.

How do the CoverSafe solutions comply with safety regulations for working at height?

Our CoverSafe range meets stringent safety standards required for working at height, ensuring all operatives are protected. The design and materials used in our mats comply with current fall protection and safety equipment regulations, providing both security and peace of mind for your workforce.

Can CoverSafe mats be used for tasks other than construction?

Absolutely. While primarily designed for construction and renovation, their durability and ease of installation make CoverSafe mats suitable for a wide range of activities, including maintenance and other projects where fall protection is crucial

What are the installation requirements for CoverSafe mats?

CoverSafe mats are engineered for easy installation, requiring minimal tools and effort. They can be quickly deployed and adjusted to fit various spaces, thanks to their lightweight and flexible design, ensuring effective fall risk management without compromising on job efficiency.

What training and support does CoverSafe offer for users of your fall protection systems?

We provide essential on-site training to ensure all operatives can safely and correctly use the CoverSafe mats and understand the importance of personal fall protection measures. This training is complemented by comprehensive support and advice from our team to help maintain high safety standards

How does the CoverSafe range enhance worker safety during construction projects?

The CoverSafe mats offer a stable platform that spreads the load evenly, reducing the risk of falls during construction activities. This is particularly important in industries where safety and compliance with regulations are paramount

What certifications do CoverSafe mats hold for fall protection and safety?

Our CoverSafe products, including CoverSpark and StairSpan, are certified to meet national and international safety standards for fall protection equipment. This ensures that every product not only meets but exceeds industry requirements for safety and efficacy in protecting workers from falls

Are there specific environments where CoverSafe mats are particularly effective?

CoverSafe mats are exceptionally versatile and effective in a variety of environments, including construction sites, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Their design makes them particularly useful in areas where space is constrained or where traditional fall protection systems may not be viable, such as in historical renovations or in compact industrial settings.