The CoverSafe mat provides a reliable and effective solution for protecting floors and surfaces during construction, renovation, or any other project that requires safeguarding against potential damage or accidents.

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We offer essential on-site training and refresher courses for all types of equipment. Upon completion, we issue certificates to certify the training of individuals.


CoverSafe mats are lightweight yet robust fall protection system for enhanced safety. Rest assured you are protected from falls when working at height with our innovative solutions.

Easy Install

The compact CoverSafe mats can be easily transported and installed. Its XSpan technology enables it to fit through small attic hatches and aeroplane access points, and then expand to fit the desired space.

No Falls

The CoverSafe mat is specifically designed to provide a safe working platform in roof spaces, preventing falls onto the joists of the floor below.

Roof Safety Matting

CoverSafe mats provide a stable temporary work platform by covering joists, ensuring that operatives are protected from falls onto the floor below or beyond. These mats are crafted with lightweight yet durable aluminium, making them an effective fall-prevention system. With our XSpan technology, the mats can be easily adjusted in length and width, providing flexibility for different work areas. They greatly enhance productivity during tasks such as spreading trusses, nailing wind bracing, inspecting work, and performing remedial tasks.

Compliant Safety At Height

Building operatives often encounter various hazards, including working at heights and above voids. Despite these challenges, work must proceed as scheduled. Our safety systems enhance the safety of working at heights by preventing falls inside roofs, and stairways, and providing secure work platforms above voids. This ensures compliance with safety regulations and addresses safety concerns effectively.


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