CoverSafe Spark


The CoverSafe Spark loft crawl board offers a versatile and lightweight safety solution for inspecting attics, hatches, and small commercial spaces.

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Easy Install

The compact and portable loft crawl board can be easily transported and installed. Its XSpan technology enables it to fit through small attic hatches and aeroplane access points, and then expand to fit the desired space.


CoverSafe Spark includes GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) material, known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and durability. The design of the CoverSafe Spark ensures a lightweight yet robust fall protection system for enhanced safety.

Safe Inspection

The board's design allows for safe inspections and various maintenance tasks, such as plumbing, TV aerial, solar inverter, electrical, and aerospace work, by evenly distributing the weight of the operator over the joists.


We offer essential on-site training and refresher courses for all types of equipment. Upon completion, we issue certificates to certify the training of individuals.

Loft Crawl Board

The CoverSafe Spark loft crawl board is an advanced lightweight working platform specifically designed to prevent falls through ceilings while working in roof spaces. This innovative solution showcases the utilisation of materials developed for aerospace and Formula One racing, offering a reliable platform that prioritises worker safety.

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Versatile Loft Access

The board's robust construction prevents falls through ceilings and minimises collateral damage, while its insulation safeguards against electrical shocks caused by faulty wiring or fittings. Additionally, the highly versatile nature of the crawl board allows for easy customisation to accommodate various size requirements.

Keeping You Safe

Building operatives can face many hazards; they may be at height, they may be above voids. However, work needs to continue to schedule. Our safety systems increase the safety of working at height - preventing falls inside roofs, down stairways, and provide work platforms above voids; all to meet safety concerns and regulations.

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