CoverSafe Access


CoverSafe Access is a compact and expandable safety cover designed to prevent falls through open holes such as hatchways, manholes, and attic access doors.

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Easy Access

Our trellis effortlessly slides open, allowing for quick and easy access to loft or attic spaces. When you need full access to materials or equipment, the trellis hinges provide unrestricted entry, ensuring efficient and hassle-free work in any confined space.

Quick Install

With its simple installation process, this versatile system locks securely in place when used as a manhole cover and provides easy fixing when used as a hatch cover. Enjoy enhanced safety and convenience without compromising on functionality.

Strong Design

Crafted from durable and high-quality GRP material, CoverSafe Access offers a sturdy and secure working platform. Designed to facilitate seamless work operations, it enables efficient tasks to be carried out both on and around the platform while ensuring utmost safety.


This pit protection solution has been specifically deigned to be easy to expand , pack away, carry and store, great for temporary projects or where storage space is at a minimum.

The CoverSafe Access

The CoverSafe Access is a versatile and reliable expandable access cover that prioritises safety. It is specifically designed to prevent falls down manholes and hatchways, making it an essential tool for various work environments.

Crafted with GRP material, the cover offers a durable and secure platform for carrying out tasks. With its fixed position feature, the CoverSafe Access stays firmly in place, ensuring stability during use.

Low Level Protection

Facility management, a vital industry responsible for maintaining the functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of buildings and grounds, relies on the integration of people, place, process, and technology. In this industry, the risk of falls is a constant concern.

Whether working on high platforms, cherry pickers, ladders, or any raised areas, personnel safety is of utmost importance. Equipping employees with the necessary safety equipment makes running a secure operation achievable.

Safe Access Every time

The hinged design allows for easy and full access to materials when working in small spaces. Falls from height account for approximately 26% of all fatal workplace injuries in the UK. By providing a safe working platform and meeting HSE safety requirements, the CoverSafe Access enhances efficiency and reduces the risk of accidents.

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