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The HSE estimate that over a third of all documented falls from height involve ladders or step ladders. Stay safe today with our Ladder kits and accessories.

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Ladder Stand-Off

Designed for direct attachment to a ladder, this device enhances safety and stability. Crafted from aluminium, the Ladder Stand-Off boasts a large 'V' shape that helps situate the ladder away from the wall, aiding safe work around guttering, downpipes, and under eaves. The unique V shape design further allows the ladder to rest securely on the corners of buildings.

Ladder Restraints

Ladder restraints are equipped with stainless steel "J" hooks that are resin-anchored into the structural floor slab or wall. A webbing strap, featuring a hook at one end, is then linked to the "J" hooks. The free end of the webbing loops through the ratchet straps connected to each style of the ladder. To maintain the third point of contact, a short webbing/rope lanyard should be looped around a rung and connected to a fall arrest harness using a karabiner. This setup ensures both hands remain free to execute the task at hand.

Ladder Spurs

Ladder spurs are engineered to inhibit sideways slippage by expanding the ladder's base. The installation process is both swift and straightforward. You just need to attach the ladder spur to the back of the ladder stiles and wrap the robust ratchet strap around the inside. Make sure the rubber foot touches the ground before tightening the strap. Ladder spurs can be affixed at any height to cater to uneven ground conditions, eliminating the need for a second person to hold the ladder.

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Our suite of Ladder Accessories has been meticulously designed to provide straightforward yet effective protection. Prevent falls when working at height with our comprehensive range of ladder accessories. Contact us today to find out more.

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