Kee Track® Overhead Rigid Rail


This overhead rigid rail system combines the safety of shortfall arrest distances with the cost-effectiveness and adaptability of modular installation.

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A Safer Overhead Lifeline for All

Floor space is typically a valuable commodity. Kee Track's affordable, roof-mounted, low-profile rails provide exceptional overhead fall protection without compromising your floor layout for production, storage, or material handling. The system is suitable for warehouses and facilities with both high and standard roof heights, needs no column supports, and can accommodate most roof infrastructures.

Easy to Install

Kee Track stands out from other fall arrest systems with its design focused on ease and speed of installation. With simple on-site measurements, your new rigid rail system can be specified and built using our readily available components. This ensures a swift return to operation with minimal disruption to your ongoing workflow.

Kee Track Benefits & Features

  • Designed to attach to existing roof purlins and secondary steel, making it adaptable to various environments
  • Its modular design allows it to be moved and reconfigured as needed, providing a long-term solution to safety needs
  • Kee Track can be installed using standard tools and lifting devices, without the need for welding equipment
  • Kee Track has undergone extensive testing to the following recognised standards
  • Compliant with EN 795: 2012 / CEN TS 16415:2013, BS 8610:2017 and OSHA 29 CFR 1910.140 & 1926.502

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Trust a safety solution that suits all roof types. Talk to our team today to find the right Kee Track overhead rigid rail for you. With our simple, affordable and flexible modular rood safety system, you can stop falls instantly.

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