Kee Step® Stepover Platform


The Kee Step ensures safety and ease of movement for workers on rooftops, making it an essential tool in many industries, particularly construction and maintenance.

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Rooftop Stepover

Kee Walk Rooftop Step Overs, built from sturdy Kee Klamp and Kee Lite fittings, offer a durable and robust access solution thanks to their modular design. Each unit is custom-made to fulfil specific on-site needs, configurations, and dimensions in terms of height and width.

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Navigate Roof Obstructions

The Kee Step is used to provide safe access over obstructions on rooftops. These obstructions could include things like pipework, plant equipment, and conduits that could otherwise pose a trip hazard or impede movement. With its modular design, each unit is tailor-made to meet specific on-site requirements, configurations, height, and width.

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Kee Step Features & Benefits

  • Offers secure access over obstructions like pipework
  • Capable of adjusting to variations in roof levels
  • Customized for safe access needs
  • Installation is swift and straightforward
  • Designed specifically to meet unique site demands
  • The modular design ensures a sturdy solution
  • Compliant with EN: 14122
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