The Kee Point® Safety i-Bolt


Kee Point serves as a reliable permanent anchoring solution specifically designed to ensure the safety of window cleaners and maintenance staff working at elevated heights.

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Safety Anchor for External Work

The Kee Post® Safety is a fall protection anchor that securely attaches approved safety equipment. It's typically used for external work such as window cleaning or maintenance, and its discreet design doesn't compromise the building's aesthetics. It's crucial for worker safety at height by providing effective fall protection.

Discreet i-Bolt System

For aesthetic integration, the Kee Point fixed i-Bolt system comes in three sizes and finishes (polished, galvanised, or plastic-coated). Its knurled inserts and resin capsules ensure easy installation, inspection, and maintenance. The i-Bolt system features a concealed anchor socket under a discreet cover when not in use. A simple key action locks the eyebolt, providing a secure point for fall protection when needed.

Safety Eyebolts Benefits & Features

  • CE approved to the PPE Directive
  • Class A1 safety eyebolts for use in a range of materials
  • Safe means of access for window cleaning Independently tested at N.E.L. (National Engineering Laboratory, East Kilbride, UK)
  • Removable eyebolt option
  • Compliant with NEN EN 795 Type A
  • Re-certification must also be carried out in accordance with NEN EN 7883 and 365.

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With three different versions available, the Kee Anchor provides a solution for practically any use, whether it's temporary or permanent. Contact us today to find out more.

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