Kee Platform® Bespoke Access


Frequent roof access for maintenance and repairs is often complicated by various trip hazards. Our bespoke Mobile and Access Platforms can be custom-built to fit any configuration, height, and width, offering a viable solution for these tricky situations.

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Bespoke Working Platforms

When conventional access methods like pre-made platforms or ladders don't fit the bill, we can craft a mobile or stationary custom platform to meet unique site requirements and ensure a safe workspace. Our modular Kee Platforms, available in either aluminium or steel using Kee Lite and Kee Klamp fittings, offer a highly secure, sturdy, and corrosion-resistant access platform.

Fast Installation, Instant Safe Access

Kee Platforms, perfect for safe access over pipework, equipment, or conduits, can also be used to manage roof level changes or as a secure work platform. These custom platforms have a modular design for quick installation and can be freestanding or fixed. Available in galvanised steel or aluminium and fittings allow for quick delivery and assembly of the platforms, causing minimal disturbance on-site.

Mobile Access Platforms

Ideal for hard-to-reach areas like machinery access, warehouse racking, or vehicle maintenance, Bartons Kee Platforms can be customized to meet almost any need. They can be designed up to 3m high, with an extra support arm for higher access. Each platform is custom-made, comes with assembly instructions, and is delivered either fully assembled (small platforms) or in components (larger platforms), with on-site assembly by our experienced engineers.

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Don't compromise on safety when working at height. Explore Barton's range of work platforms designed for secure access in high places. Elevate your safety standards today!

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