Kee Mark® Pathway Guidance


Kee Mark is a highly versatile and portable demarcation system designed for indoor or outdoor use, offering ease of handling, transportation, and storage.

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Any Time

Portable, simple to set up and disassemble. Offers a swift, effective solution for any demarcation needs, anytime, anywhere.

Any Place

Ideal for indoor/outdoor barriers or rooftop guardrails, maintaining a minimum 2m distance from the edge.

Any Weather

Robust 25kg PVC bases ensure system stability and resilience, even under extreme conditions.

Any Colour

Upon request, tubes and tube connectors can be customized with any RAL colour through powder coating.

Simple Demarcation System

The Kee Mark demarcation system offers a convenient and efficient solution for demarcation needs. It is lightweight and easy to carry, assemble, and deconstruct, making it suitable for any location. Whether used indoors or outdoors, as a demarcation barrier or rooftop guardrail, it provides a versatile option (with a minimum 2m distance from the edge). With heavy-duty PVC bases, it ensures stability even in severe weather conditions. Additionally, the system can be customized to match any aesthetic preference, with tubes and connectors available in a wide range of RAL colours.

Versatile. Free-standing. Robust.

Kee Mark uses heavy-duty uprights and a high-visibility red and white plastic safety chain, creating an evident route within any working environment. It contains a two-colour polyurethane chain that links between the support posts. The demarcation system is also modular and free-standing, making it versatile for various applications. It features a unique post design that prevents the chain from detaching during adverse weather conditions, and it is easy to assemble.

Kee Mark Benefits and Features

  • Streamlined, component-based structure
  • Uprights treated with galvanisation as per BS EN 1461 standards
  • Weights made from recycled PVC material
  • Appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Available in single or double-chain variants
  • The economically efficient choice for boundary marking
  • Can be set up and taken down swiftly
  • Option to have uprights coated in various colours

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