Kee Line® Rooftop Safety Lifeline


Experience peace of mind with the Kee Line Rooftop Safety Lifeline, an innovative solution designed to ensure maximum safety during rooftop operations.

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More Discreet

Virtually invisible. Spans up to 12m between supports with no need for corner swaging.

More Agile

Innovative traveller allows users to glide over brackets and detach and re-attach themselves at any point.

More Robust

Supports up to three users. Progressive Absorbing System (PAS) minimises shock loading in the event of a fall.

More Versatile

Fixes to any steel cladding panel, beam/column structure, solid parapet walls, or flat roofs via a support post.

Horizontal Lifeline System

The Kee Line horizontal lifeline system accommodates up to three users. It can stretch up to 12m between supports without necessitating any swaging. The system includes an innovative traveller that effortlessly glides over the system's brackets, eliminating the need for the user to detach. In case of a fall, our cutting-edge Progressive Absorbing System (PAS) takes over, ensuring that the load applied to the building stays under 10Kn.

Versatile Roof Safety System

The Kee Line horizontal safety lifeline system is adaptable for various applications, including rooftops, facades, and overhead structures. It can be seamlessly installed on any steel cladding panel, beam/column structure, solid parapet wall, or even flat roofs using a support post. Kee Line can be directly attached to the roof using a 'top fix' anchor, or to the building structure with a 'through fix' Postanka anchor.

Benefits & Features of Kee Line

  • An uninterrupted, hands-free fall protection system
  • Tried and tested on diverse roof types, including membrane and metal profile
  • Applicable for rooftops, facades, and overhead structures
  • Progressive Absorbing System effectively reduces shock loadings during a fall
  • Accommodates spans of up to 12m and supports up to 3 users
  • The traveller feature provides the flexibility for users to detach and re-attach at any point on the system
  • Compliant with BS EN 795 2012

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Don't compromise on safety when working at heights. Falls from rooftops can be fatal or cause serious injuries. in top-tier fall protection today and create a safer work environment for everyone.

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