Kee Guard® For Narrow Spaces


Rooftop railing for roofs with limited space.

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Saves Lives

Provides lasting barrier protection on rooftops for areas needing frequent maintenance and inspection.

Saves Roofs

No fixation to the roof structure or membrane is needed, thus reducing the chances of leaks or surface deterioration.

Saves Time

No need for specialized training or equipment. Forget about threading, welding, or drilling. Kee Klamp fittings instantly secure horizontal rails.

Saves Money

Its modular design allows for swift and effortless installation, and unlike pre-fabricated systems, it accommodates any on-the-spot adjustments during the installation process.

Rooftop Guardrail For Narrow Spaces.

Kee Guard presents a novel solution to freestanding, non-intrusive rooftop railing systems. The sleek design of the KeeGuard Premium base maximizes space efficiency, making it perfect for tight spaces or areas where trip hazards are a concern. This unique base weight system negates the need for off-set counterweights, with only 'Open-ended' systems using returns at each end of a run to limit movement. Kee Guard is apt for both temporary and permanent installations on roofs with a slope of up to 10 degrees.

Kee Guard Features & Benefits.

  • Offers edge safety for everyone working on the roof
  • Collective safeguard through roof guardrail systems
  • Engineered to accommodate narrow or challenging spaces or pathways
  • Occupies less space than counterweighted systems
  • A freestanding, counterbalanced mechanism
  • Eliminates the need to breach the roof membrane
  • Effortless and speedy installation

Higher Standards as Standard.

Kee Guard For Narrow Spaces not only adheres to, but often surpasses the most stringent safety standards, such as:

  • EN 13374 Class A
  • EN ISO 14122 Part 3
  • HSG-33 Health & Safety in Roof Work
  • HSE INDG 284 “Working on roofs”
  • BS13700:2021 Permanent Counter-weighted Guardrail (Wind calculations)

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