Kee Gate® Industrial Self-Closing Safety Gate


Designed for enhanced safety in industrial and rooftop settings, Kee Gate's self-closing safety gates are the ideal alternative to traditional chains, bars, and sliding tubes.

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Suitable for rooftop and industrial openings of all types and sizes up to 1.8m wide.


Choice of single, full height and double gates. Easily cut to size on-site.


Automatically closes behind the user eliminating the risk of human error.


Fixes to upright or flat surfaces from 33.7mm to 48.3mm diameter with two U-Bolts.

Kee Gate Industrial Safety Gate

Kee Gate offers adjustable, self-closing safety gates that provide a safer and more secure option compared to chains, bars, and sliding tubes. Ideal for various rooftop and industrial settings, they can be used at ladder and stairway access points, walkways, roof hatches, or near industrial machinery and restricted areas.

Versatile, Flexible & Dependable

Kee Gate's automatic closure feature ensures safety by removing the risk of human error. It's versatile for rooftop and industrial openings, fitting sizes up to 1.8m wide and attaching to upright or flat surfaces from 33.7mm to 48.3mm diameter using two U-Bolts. The range includes single, full-height, and double gates, all of which can be conveniently resized on-site.

Kee Gate Features & Benefits

  • Spring loaded to automatically close behind the user
  • Extensive testing guarantees durability and reliability
  • Can be used on rooftops or as an industrial safety gate
  • Complies with requirements of EN13374 and EN 14122
  • Single 1m gate can easily be cut to size on site
  • Double gate can accommodate gaps up to 1.8m wide
  • Quick and easy to install or retrofit to an existing structure
  • Complies with NEN EN 14122-3:2016

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