Kee Cover® Skylight Protection


Kee Cover is a versatile solution, renowned for its ease of assembly, adjustability, extendibility, and portability, making it an ideal choice for protecting roof lights and skylights.

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Easy to Handle

Modular, component-based system, simple to transport and carry onto the roof.

Easy to Assemble

Mesh panels attach to a metal frame constructed with smart, easy-fit Kee Klamp fittings.

Easy to Extend

One and two metre extension panels available for larger roof lights and skylights.

Easy to Adjust

The leg-mounted system caters for different-shaped roof lights and provides added protection in the event of a fall.

Fall Prevention for Rooflights and Skylights.

Kee Cover is specifically designed for metal profile roofs, offering protection for roof lights and skylights without blocking natural light. It features a metal frame that attaches directly to the roof. Standard mesh panels of 2m x 1m are held in place with Kee Klamp fittings, and these panels can be extended in increments of one or two metres to accommodate all shapes and sizes of roof lights.

Made to Last

For enhanced visibility, the frames can be colour coated and additional legs can be installed to reduce potential damage to the roof light in case of a fall. All parts of the system are hot-dip galvanised for extended durability, and it complies with the standards set by the ACR Red Book.

Kee Cover Benefits and Features

  • The system is designed with portable components for convenient transport.
  • Superior durability is ensured with hot-dip galvanised components and mesh.
  • Availability of extension panels caters to larger skylights and roof lights.
  • The adjustable height feature accommodates roof lights of various shapes.
  • Colour coating of the frame enhances visibility.
  • The system has been tested in accordance with ACR Red Book requirements.
  • Meets ACR Red Book, Non-Fragility of Roof Assemblies Class B (45 kg free falling a distance of 1.2 m), BS EN 1873
  • Completed with 1200 joule test (50 kg mass dropped from 2.4 m)

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How does Kee Cover® enhance fall protection within roof safety systems?v

Kee Cover® is pivotal in enhancing fall protection by providing a robust barrier against skylight falls, a common risk on roofs. It seamlessly integrates with roof safety systems, significantly reducing the risk of personal injury.

Why is fall protection important when working near skylights?

Fall protection is crucial near skylights to prevent serious injuries or fatalities from falls. Skylights pose a significant risk, and ensuring adequate protection safeguards workers against potential falls.

Can Kee Cover® be used with other fall protection equipment?

Yes, Kee Cover® is compatible with a range of fall protection equipment, including safety harnesses and safety nets, providing a comprehensive fall protection solution on roofs.

What role does Kee Cover® play in a risk assessment for roof work?

Kee Cover® is essential in risk assessments, helping to identify potential fall hazards from skylights and implementing effective control measures to protect workers at height.

How does Kee Cover® comply with health and safety regulations?

Kee Cover® is designed to meet stringent safety standards, including those for fall protection and non-fragility of roof assemblies, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

Is training required to install Kee Cover® correctly?

While Kee Cover® is designed for easy assembly, appropriate training is recommended to ensure it is installed correctly and provides optimal fall protection, aligning with safety protocols

7 Ways Kee Cover® Skylight Protection Enhances Fall Protection on Your Roof

Kee Cover® Skylight Protection is a critical component of effective fall protection systems, safeguarding workers from the dangers associated with roof work. Here’s how it enhances safety:

  • Prevents falls through fragile skylights, significantly reducing workplace injuries.
  • Easily integrates with existing fall protection systems, for comprehensive safety.
  • Adjustable design fits any skylight size, offering tailored fall protection.
  • Durable materials protect against falling objects, enhancing worker safety.
  • Colour coating improves visibility, preventing trips and falls.
  • Meets key safety standards for reliable fall protection.
  • Quick installation means fast, effective fall protection.

By incorporating Kee Cover® into your fall protection strategy, you’re not only complying with safety regulations but also actively preventing falls, protecting your workers from potential injuries, and creating a safer, more secure workplace. It exemplifies the importance of combining risk assessment, proper equipment, and training to mitigate height risks effectively.