Kee Anchor® Mobile Man Anchor Solutions


Kee Anchor is a versatile and efficient solution for temporary or permanent applications, designed to enhance safety by providing movable anchor points on flat roofs, while ensuring easy installation and minimal impact on the roof surface.

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Meet Kee Anchor

The Kee Anchor, a movable deadweight anchor suitable for roofs with up to a 5-degree pitch, offers a straightforward and efficient solution for scenarios where collective protection or a permanent anchor point isn't feasible. The system is designed around a central pedestal attachment point that automatically elevates during a fall, thereby minimizing the fall distance.

Abseiling Arm

This abseiling arm, an add-on to the Kee Anchor system, serves as a movable anchor point for workers who use ropes for access. Applicable to most flat roofs, its non-invasive design facilitates easy installation and safeguards the roof surface. Exceptionally steady and highly adaptable, it can bear the weight of one worker or a worker and rescuer during emergency situations (up to 200kg).

Kee Post & Kee Line

Ideal for a wide range of flat roofs, the combination of Kee Line and the Kee Post mounting system caters to temporary uses or scenarios where a stationary deadweight anchor point could risk damaging the roof surface. The system is user-friendly, easy to assemble and disassemble, and supports Type C horizontal, flexible safety lines in compliance with BS EN 795.

Anchor Benefits & Features

  • Offers temporary safety for infrequent tasks
  • Applicable to all roof surfaces
  • Designed compactly for effortless transportation
  • Quick and simple to put together
  • Fully complies with existing regulations, including BS EN 795
  • Multiple anchors can be connected using Kee Line
  • Kee Line provides a self-sufficient portable anchor device for rope access workers.
  • Complies with NEN EN 795 Class B and NEN EN ISO 14567

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With three different versions available, the Kee Anchor provides a solution for practically any use, whether it's temporary or permanent. Contact us today to find out more.

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