DavitPro Davit Arm System


Davit arm systems serve as an efficient solution for facade access, ensuring safe and secure anchorage for abseiling.

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Meet the DavitPro System

The DavitPro Davit Arm system includes a permanent base attached to the building's structural substrate, like concrete or structural steel. A detachable rotating Davit arm, which can be securely locked in place before use, allows abseiling workers to safely reach beyond the roof or parapet edge.

Davit Arm Uses

These systems are perfect for situations where standard anchor posts can't be used due to non-load-bearing parapets, or when architectural elements like overhangs, cornices, glass, or other detailed features are present.

Davit Arm Benefits & Features

  • Adaptable to be fitted onto existing structures
  • Provides a secure anchorage for accessing facades
  • Tailored systems designed for specific applications
  • Fixing methods compatible with the building's structure
  • Reduces the number of ropes hanging over the parapet
  • Offers an unobtrusive solution for maintenance access necessities
  • Complies with EN 795

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