Board Walk Fragile Roof Walk


Working platforms are crucial when accessing fragile roofs as they distribute weight evenly, preventing roof damage and providing a secure base for workers, thereby minimising the risk of accidents.

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Adaptable Roof Access

Board-Walk is a portable open mesh walkway system that evenly distributes weight across support battens, providing safe access from eaves to ridge. The system is designed to adapt to individual roof sizes and configurations. It can be installed in various orientations, whether vertically up or down, or horizontally across the roof.

Fragile Valley Walk

Hatch Board-Walk has been specifically engineered to bridge over fragile valleys while also providing access to the valley below for maintenance purposes. It features 2m sections constructed from high-grade aluminium staging. These sections can easily be lifted for access to the valley and then lowered back down once the work is completed, ensuring a safe working platform is always maintained.

Board Walk Features & Benefits

  • Rolling platform with full guardrails, mounted on twin tracks
  • Enables safe traversal up and down the roof
  • Standard platform length of 4.6m
  • Option for a 2.5m platform coupled with 4m twin modular linking track sections
  • Equipped with safety mesh and supportive batons
  • Constructed from high-grade aluminium
  • Combined weight, including track, is 361kg

Fall Protection You Can Count On

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