Essentials to Working at Height


The course covers all aspects of working at height and is designed to provide a thorough understanding of legislation, safety requirements and safe working methods.

Your Responsibility

Working at height presents significant health and safety risks and remains a leading cause of fatalities and serious injuries. It's the responsibility of employers to safeguard anyone potentially exposed to these dangers. This can be achieved by ensuring all height-related tasks are meticulously planned, supervised, and executed with utmost safety.

What this course includes

  • Working at Elevated Levels,
  • Avoiding Unsafe Practices,
  • Understanding Relevant Laws,
  • Legislation Specific to Working at Height,
  • Implementing Control Measures,
  • Choosing Appropriate Equipment for Working at Height,
  • Utilising Ladders Safely,
  • Conducting Risk Assessments for Work at Height,
  • Inspecting Personal Protective Equipment and Harness Wearing Techniques

Who needs working at height training?

Working at Height Training Course is essential for all those responsible for working at height and for the health and safety of others. This training will benefit employers, managers, supervisors, and employees who have a high responsibility for or are involved in work.

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