Harness Inspection Training


Essential harness training for effective harness use, inspection, and Work at Height Regulations compliance.

Compliant Harness Training

Barton’s Harness Inspection Services diligently adhere to the Work at Height Regulations, ensuring optimal safety for all involved in elevated work. Our training focuses on the compliant use of harnesses, which are vital in preventing falls and serious injuries.

Confident Harness Use

We've got you covered from understanding the correct way to wear a harness, spotting potential defects, and maintaining compliant inspection records. With hands-on training and practical exercises, we ensure that you're aware and capable of maintaining safety standards.

Are you Compliant?

The Work at Height Regulations specifies that anyone using the harnesses should be adequately trained. They should know how to use the harnesses correctly and follow proper safety procedures. This includes understanding how to fit and adjust a harness and identify any potential damage or defects.

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