Site Survey Reports


With accurate measurements, feasibility reporting, and cost estimation, our site surveys ensure safety and regulatory compliance, paving the way for safe fall protection.

Confused with Compliance?

Don’t get overwhelmed with the latest regulations. Our expert site surveys can guide your next steps. We can meet with you on-site, address your safety worries and needs, and perform a comprehensive site survey to identify the most budget-friendly solution that fits your specifications.

Spot Hazards Before They Happen

Once we've identified the potential hazards on your site, our team will develop a comprehensive safety solution tailored to your needs. This plan will include a detailed breakdown of our recommendations, ranging from specific safety equipment to procedural changes designed to mitigate risk.

What is a site survey?

Our site survey is an in-depth examination conducted by professional surveyors using advanced equipment and techniques. Upon completion, we provide a detailed report outlining the findings and safety recommendations, including a schedule for any required remedial work to ensure compliance with standards or regulations.

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