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Our team of experts inspect, assess, and certify your gear, helping you maintain a safe and compliant work environment. Trust Barton for thorough, professional, and reliable inspection and certification services.

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Safe Systems Certification

In our recertification and inspection service, our certified engineers will evaluate not only roof safety gear like lifeline systems and guardrails, but also examine and certify all PPE used alongside this equipment, such as lanyards and harnesses. Upon completion, we'll provide a compliance certificate or, if necessary, a plan for corrective action to bring the system into compliance.

Bespoke Training

Beyond inspection, testing, and recertification services, we can provide guidance on any issues related to falls from height at your site. If necessary, we can also conduct personalised training on the provided equipment. This ensures that all users of the safety gear are educated on its proper use, as well as how to inspect equipment for defects before use.

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