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Discover Barton's comprehensive design, planning, and installation services. Our quality, attention to detail, and bespoke solutions bring your projects to life.

Technical Planning & Design

Upon completing a site survey, our Technical Department prepares a detailed, cost-effective solution tailored to each situation. The proposed solution incorporates applicable wind calculations and considers the structural design of the building, along with estimated loads applied by the solution and its users.

Safe Installation

Once the planning phase is complete, we install the proposed fall protection solution. This includes coordinating delivery, access, Barton operatives, and any additional tasks, such as roofing/cladding repairs that might be necessary. To ensure smooth execution, our team maintains close communication with the client, informing all parties about every aspect of the project's organisation.

Certificate & Support

Depending on the environment and usage, certain installations may require regular inspections and certifications. After the completion of an installation, our Inspection and Recertification Department will reach out to you to set up a schedule for annual inspections, recertification, and training for all system users.

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