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Work at Height Rescue Kit

The Rescue Kit is designed to enable the rescuer to perform the rescue from a safe location, with the flexibility to either raise or lower the casualty.v
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Kee Guard® Edge Protection

The market leading freestanding rooftop guardrail system.
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The CoverSafe Trench

The CoverSafe Trench is a a temporary cover over open trenches, providing a stable platform and preventing falls into the trench.
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Kee Gate® Industrial Self-Closing Safety Gate

Designed for enhanced safety in industrial and rooftop settings, Kee Gate's self-closing safety gates are the ideal alternative to traditional chains, bars, and sliding tubes.
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Kee Line® Rooftop Safety Lifeline

Experience peace of mind with the Kee Line Rooftop Safety Lifeline, an innovative solution designed to ensure maximum safety during rooftop operations.
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