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Our knowledgable team evaluates, recommends, installs, and certifies system safety solutions to meet all regulations.

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Height Safety

Experience the unbeatable quality and reliability of our fall protection safety solutions. Designed with precision and built to last, our products provide superior protection for your workers. Trust in our expertise to keep your team safe.

Wind Turbines

We are the leading specialist provider of on-site maintenance and inspection for on-shore and off-shore wind turbines. Our innovative Barton Inspect is designed to assist our clients in streamlining their wind turbine inspection process.

Safe Access

Stay ahead of regulations with our compliance-driven fall protection safety solutions. Our products meet all industry standards and adhere to strict regulations. Rest easy knowing that your safety measures are in full compliance with the latest requirements.

Right Products. Right Solutions. 

Our world class range of fall protection and safe access solutions have been engineered to the highest global safety standards. Our rooftop safety systems protect a variety of roof types with roof edge protection, skylight protection, walkway systems and safety lifeline systems, along with a variety of step over and working platforms.

Our safe access solutions work across multiple environments and include outdoor guardrail & safety barriers, as well as indoor safety access products for warehousing, food production plants and vehicle maintenance facilities including Logistics, Rail and Aerospace to name a few.

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Wind Turbine Safety & Maintenance

Maximise the potential of your asset from installation to operation and maintenance phases with Barton's all-encompassing selection of services and maintenance packages. Our expertise covers every make and model of wind turbine, extending beyond the manufacturer's warranty period for continuous support.

Fostering robust operational partnerships, we at Barton have established strong affiliations with prominent wind turbine manufacturers, wind farm proprietors, developers, and utilities entities across the expanse of Great Britain, Ireland, and Europe. Noteworthy names among our valued clientele encompass Vestas, Nordex, GE, Scottish Power, Gamesa, ABOWind, Bord Gais, RES, Windprospect, Dong Energy, E.On, and Statoil.

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FPS Recertification & Inspection

Our team of experts inspect, assess, and certify your gear, helping you maintain a safe and compliant work environment. Trust Barton for thorough, professional, and reliable inspection and certification services. In our recertification and inspection service, our certified engineers will evaluate not only roof safety gear like lifeline systems and guardrails, but also examine and certify all PPE used alongside this equipment, such as lanyards and harnesses. Upon completion, we'll provide a compliance certificate or, if necessary, a plan for corrective action to bring the system into compliance.

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Enhance your safety standards with cutting-edge working at height solutions. Your safety is our priority - contact Bartons fall protection experts today.

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What working at height equipment does Barton offer?

Barton Safety Services offers comprehensive working at height solutions, including rooftop safety systems, safety lifeline systems, and safe access products for various environments, ensuring compliance with the highest global safety standards.

How does Barton ensure compliance with height safety regulations?

Our height safety equipment, such as safety harnesses and fall arrest systems, is designed to meet all industry standards, offering superior protection and compliance with the latest safety requirements.

Can Barton help with mobile elevated working platforms?

For specific queries on mobile elevated working platforms and access equipment, contact us directly to discuss how our range of solutions can meet your project needs.

What should I consider when using fall arrest equipment?

Ensure correct selection of fall arrest blocks, safety lanyards, and full body harnesses, with anchor points capable of supporting the maximum load. Regular equipment inspection is vital for safety.

How does Barton certify height safety equipment?

Our experts inspect and certify height equipment, including fall prevention gear and safety harnesses, ensuring compliance with safety standards and providing a compliance certificate or corrective action plan if needed.

What are the load restrictions and classifications for height equipment?

Adhere to load restrictions and ensure equipment, including anchor points and full body harnesses, meets required safety classifications to work safely at height.

Key Components for Optimal Height Safety

  • Working at Height Equipment: Choose equipment designed for superior protection, including safety harnesses and anchor points, ensuring worker safety at various heights.
  • Height Safety Equipment Compliance: Opt for solutions that meet industry standards, offering not just safety but also compliance with the latest regulations.
  • Mobile Elevated Working Platforms: Utilise full body harnesses that distribute fall forces safely across the body, essential for preventing injuries during a fall.
  • Safety Harnesses: We utilise the latest innovations, including the Wind Speed Calculator, for superior engineering and recertification services.
  • Fall Arrest Systems: Implement systems that can arrest a fall promptly, including fall arrest blocks and safety lanyards, to minimize risk.
  • Fall Prevention Equipment: Deploy preventive measures, like guardrails and walkway systems, to reduce the risk of falls from height..