Fire and Ancillary Equipment

Fire Prevention Solutions

Fires in wind turbines may have catastrophic consequences for the environment and the workers in the turbine; they may also lead to economic losses for wind farms developers and owners. Lightning strikes, mechanical failure, electrical faults and maintenance errors constitute the main causes of fire. Wind turbines contain highly flammable material, ranging from oil, lubricants, hydraulic fluid, foam insulation, cables to fibre glass polymers. The remoteness of wind farms, the height and design of turbines render the task of the emergency services extremely difficult.

At Barton, we believe that it is essential to focus on preventive protection. We offer effective fire protection solutions and maintenance of equipment.

First Aid Supplies

Barton offer a wide selection of workplace first aid and eyewash kits and refills in a variety of cases and bags as well as options with additional first aid products to provide a more tailored solution to the off-shore wind energy sector.