PPE Straight Supply and Inspection

We supply and inspect a wide range of products ranging from:

We review constantly our product range to ensure that we offer innovative, most reliable and durable products.

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Case study

A client, an airplane maintenance company, realised that its technicians needed reliable self- retractable life lines, which would allow them to work safely in all weather conditions and extreme temperatures and which could be repaired in situ without sending it back to the manufacturer.

Barton offered its client to try out in different hangars and on various air strips the ManSafe SRL® on the basis that:

The case made of toughened nylon is resistant to high impact damage and offers guaranteed protection to the internal chassis.

The SRL works in freezing conditions and withstands contaminants and water.

The modular design means that individual components can be removed and replaced instantly. They do not require mechanical testing. A visual inspection is sufficient.

Subsequently the client acquired a range of SRLs in both webbing and cable lifelines.