Horizontal Cable Systems

Features of Horizontal Cable Systems

Constant Force® Post

The definition of constant force is “The mechanism used to provide a consistent method of absorbing mechanical energy and controlling tension within the system to a pre-determined Constant Force”. Latchways has taken the science of Constant Force and applied it to the fall protection industry providing an easy to install, reliable and cost-effective solution to rooftop safety.

Effective Load Control

The Constant Force post has an integral energy absorbing coil. In the event of a fall it will absorb the force generated.

Fall protection system

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Fixing Details

The Constant Force® Posts are suitable for the majority of the roofing structures from the main European and world roofing manufacturers. Some roofing manufacturers have contributed for example to developing the fixings, to the weatherproofing ageing tests, and to the installation methods.

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Cable Attachment Device

Complementing the Constant Force post® is the Latchways Transfastener. This connects the worker to the system cable and is ideal for ankle height fall arrest systems. Made from 316S and 17/4PH stainless steel it has a patented ingenious design that allows it to move smoothly along the cable for hands-free operation.

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