Minimising the Risk and the Hierarchy of Safety

It is the role of the designer to minimise the risk of exposure to a fall hazard. In order to consider what type of fall protection is needed, it is necessary to start with the hierarchy of fall protection.

Eliminate the risk

  • Avoid work at height were possible.
  • Locate plant and equipment in safe locations where there is no risk of fall.
  • Clean windows from the ground with a ''high Reach'' type system.

Guard the hazard

  • When working at height is essential, ensure that workers are not exposed to unnecessary risks.
  • Consider installing a parapet or guardrail to eliminate the fall hazard.

Protect the worker

  • Where it is not possible to eliminate the risk of falling, use a suitable fall protection system to minimise the consequences of a fall.
  • This can be achieved with a fall arrest or fall restraint system.