Recertification and Repair

It is a legislative requirement for all safety equipment, including fall protection systems that have been installed in accordance with the recommendations of EN 795:2012 and CEN TS 16415:2013 to undergo periodic examination by a competent person to certify that they remain compliant and are safe to use.

The complexity and frequency of certification regimes vary according to legislation, Standards / Norms and / or the manufacturer’s specification. Additionally, it is important that each certification regime takes into account how often the equipment is used and the environment it is used in. The following is a guideline to the frequency of inspection and / or testing of fall protection equipment.

  • Personal Protective Equipment – minimum once every 6 months
  • Abseil/Roped Access Points – minimum once every 6 months
  • Fall Arrest/Fall Restraint Systems – minimum once every 12 months
  • Ladder Restraint Anchors - minimum once every 24 months

Our Service

For peace of mind and for system longevity, we are able to offer our clients a certification and maintenance service tailored to ensure that their fall protection equipment continues to meet the latest Standards and legislative requirements.

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Our Database

Barton maintains a comprehensive database of all Barton installations and previous system inspections thus ensuring that timely reminders for test due dates are issued. By reducing the ‘down-time’ for the systems the client’s liability is also reduced.

Database records typically include;

  • Type and quantity of fall protection system(s) installed
  • Location, access and systems details
  • User manuals and data sheets
  • Date of installation and/or date of last test
  • Date of next test
  • Site contact details/details of the person responsible

Barton works closely with all of its clients to create a quality partnership arrangement offering both parties the opportunity to achieve life-time value.

All Barton’s systems and componentry are supported by comprehensive documentation describing installation procedures, user guidance, maintenance and testing requirements.