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About Barton

Barton Industrial Services Ltd has built up a substantial reputation in the field of fall protection safety solutions. We provide complete, effective and innovative solutions in a ‘one stop package’ for protecting workers who may be exposed to a fall hazard. The company is the approved designer and installer in Ireland for Latchways Fall Protection Systems. Our geographic coverage throughout Ireland allows us to quickly satisfy all your height safety requirements wherever you are.

The Latchways ManSafe® fall protection range is used around the world in a diverse range of structures and industries. The products themselves are innovative in their design and manufactured to the highest quality.

Since the mid-eighties Barton Industrial Services Ltd and Latchways have revolutionised the field of fall protection systems, providing solutions for virtually every safety at height needed from roof top safety to window cleaning maintenance. The current Latchways’ ManSafe range includes products such as the Constant Force® Post, the Freestanding Constant Force Post which is ideal for one-off repair or maintenance tasks, the Freestanding Guardrail, Horizontal and Overhead systems, LadderLatch™; PushLock™ and SafeRing™.

They have inherent flexibility for fitting to new structures or retrofitted to existing ones and, being of exceptionally high quality, Latchways’ products possess the durability to withstand even the harshest climatic and environmental conditions.

Barton Industrial Services Ltd prides itself on providing clients with the services of their in-house Chartered Engineering staff, expert advice on all methods of fixing systems to building structures and any type of exposed areas, and in depth knowledge of Health and Safety Legislation. Our professionally qualified and expertly trained team designs, installs, tests, certifies and maintains fall protection systems all over Ireland. We offer a free design service in any AutoCAD format, risk safety analysis, training at height courses and CPD presentations. Furthermore, we currently hold retesting and maintenance contracts for many governmental and commercial properties all over Ireland.

 Our expertise in this field is far ranging, from pharmaceutical plants to electricity generating stations and water sewage treatment works, from shopping centres to world financial headquarters and historic monuments. It includes many prestigious major building projects throughout Ireland such as the Waterfront Hall, the Odyssey Centre and the B.T. Tower in Belfast, the Marks and Spencer Grafton Street development, the CityBank Headquarters, Trinity College and Spencer Dock in Dublin, the Blackpool Retail Park in Cork, and the Oranmore Marine Institute in Galway.

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